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Written material by Phillip is collected here including the weekly From the Dean column, articles from The Briefing and Southern Cross, and Ministry Training papers.

A regular article written by Phillip Jensen in his role as Dean of Sydney at St Andrew's Cathedral.

Are There Three Ways To Live? October 2014
The View From The Top October 2014
A Certain Hope September 2014
The Truth Behind ISIL September 2014
Don’t Leave Us Fatherless September 2014
Who’s The Addict? What’s The Addiction? August 2014
N   ن August 2014
Your Work + My Life = Balance! August 2014
Why Christians Work July 2014
Caring Or Killing July 2014
Pastoral Ministry And Changes July 2014
Identity June 2014
God Made Me This Way June 2014
From 2008: Dying Alone June 2014
Religious Violence And The Kidnapped Girls May 2014
The Budget: Being Economical with the Truth May 2014
From The Dean’s Wife May 2014
Bob Carr May 2014
Anzac And Easter 2014 April 2014
The Most Dangerous Idea April 2014
Bullies And Censorship April 2014
Sin In The Life Of A Believer April 2014
Why Bible Teaching Is Evangelistic March 2014
Why Holidays Are More Christian Than Holy Days March 2014
An Evangelistic Leaflet For St Patrick’s Day March 2014
Frozen My Way March 2014
An Unspiritual Church February 2014
Unmarried Mothers And The Science Of Marriage February 2014
A Sat-Nav With Nowhere To Go February 2014
Adultery: When ‘Love’ Is A ‘Tragedy’ February 2014
Seeger: The Seeker? January 2014
Living With Alcohol In The George Street Precinct January 2014
Moving Pictures And Gospel Motivation January 2014
Don’t Teach The Bible January 2014
Do You Want More This Christmas? December 2013
How You Spend My Christmas December 2013
Outsourcing Life December 2013
Don’t Make The Reformation History October 2013
Catching Eggs October 2013
The Method Is The Message October 2013
Right Must Not Be Left Behind September 2013
“Our People Die Well” - John Wesley September 2013
On Winning And Losing An Election September 2013
What A Muslim Teaches Us September 2013
The Best Place for Theological Training August 2013
At the Cathedral: Mark Dever and Three Good News Stories August 2013
Welcoming the Archbishop August 2013
Praying For The Election Synod August 2013
In What Are We United? July 2013
Retirements And Beginnings July 2013
A Muslim’s Oath : An Atheist’s Affirmation July 2013
Terminating Violent Euphemisms June 2013
Governed By Addiction June 2013
Why Wasn’t There A Eulogy? June 2013
The Billy Graham Of The 19th Century May 2013
Live To Give May 2013
Beg To Give May 2013
The Man I Thought Was Dead April 2013
Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead April 2013
Give Working Families A Rest March 2013
St Patrick The Irish Evangelical March 2013
Idolatry and the God of History March 2013
Advertising Morality February 2013
The Best Christmas Ever January 2013
Are The Atheists Right About Christmas? December 2012
In Praise Of Singing December 2012
War Histories Or History Wars? November 2012
The Land Of The Lost Weekend September 2012
The Devolution Of Marriage September 2012
Love And Subjugation September 2012
Submission And The Clash Of Cultures September 2012
The Power Of A Dependent Father August 2012
Apologetic Evangelism… An Oxymoron? August 2012
Even Barry Jones Gets It Wrong… August 2012
The Two-Pronged Strategy Of A Master Evangelist August 2012
A Good News Story Getting Better August 2012
The Good The Bad And The Ugly Of Church Planting July 2012
Libertarian Censorship June 2012
What Joy in Hell? June 2012
As Good As It Gets May 2012
The Working Mother May 2012
You Have To Get Religion To Get Religion. April 2012
QandA Or Question Un-answered? April 2012
The Journalist’s Question April 2012
Selling Boxing Day: Humans As Units Of Production March 2012
Regrets: Do You Have A Few? March 2012
Planning Easter with the Wisdom of the Irish March 2012
After-birth Abortion: Atheist Ethics at Work March 2012
The Price Of Wellbeing February 2012
Peter: Rock or Stumbling Block? February 2012
Why Secular Education is Christian February 2012
Britain is changing. Will Australia? December 2011
Wasting Good Intentions December 2011
Jesus: The Prophet For Muslims? October 2011
Hospitality For Heretics October 2011
A Christian Faces Death October 2011
What The Media Does Not Report October 2011
“Who Are The Problem Gamblers?” October 2011
Black And White Evangelism September 2011
Facing The Evil Of 9/11 September 2011
The Ebb And Flow Of Political Correctness September 2011
Picking An Idol August 2011
The Heart Of Growing Christianly August 2011
Investing In Iniquity August 2011
Making Sense Of The Senseless July 2011
The Irony Of Affluence July 2011
No Fault Today, No Marriage Tomorrow July 2011
In Defence Of Science July 2011
Is Allah Yahweh? July 2011
When To Keep Out The Camel? June 2011
Place Sensational Headline Here June 2011
Missionary? – It’s A Mindset June 2011
“I am the Antichrist!” June 2011
Hearing The Voice Of Satan May 2011
The Brothel And The Academic May 2011
The Elusive Pursuit Of Unity May 2011
Politically Incorrect Motherhood May 2011
Does It Matter Whether Catherine Is Protestant? May 2011
Easter Eggs In The Year Of Our Lord April 2011
Does Prayer Change The World? April 2011
Evangelism And Church April 2011
What’s So Good About Good Friday? April 2011
Memorizing Scripture March 2011
An Atheist’s Conversion March 2011
Bendigo March 2011
Why A Wedding? March 2011
Praying In Crisis: Helpful Or Hypocritical? February 2011
Who Stole The Ashes? February 2011
New Atheists and the Dunning-Kruger Effect February 2011
Teaching The Bible: still unpopular, still essential May 2010
Content, Context and Corinthian Confusion May 2010
Show Me Your Faith April 2010
Forgiving Hitler? April 2010
Evidence-Based Decisions February 2010
Two Models Of Church Organisation February 2010
The “Brutal” Missionary February 2010
Football And Religion February 2010
Experience Or The Bible? January 2010
Ignorance Or Historical Censorship? January 2010
Mae West, Jerry Seinfeld And The Bible January 2010
Preaching Our Theology January 2010
Christmas Contradictions December 2009
I will build my church (the challenge of church planting) December 2009
Good Politics – Poor Theology November 2009
Two Tales Of Two Brothers October 2009
One Blood October 2009
Church Planters, Founders and Sponsors October 2009
A Double Life? October 2009
Labour Day: A Sad Celebration October 2009
Beyond Tolerance September 2009
A Christian Nation? September 2009
More Than Fatherhood Under Attack September 2009
Private Scandals And Public Leadership? September 2009
Content, Context and Corinthian Confusion August 2009
Power To Witness August 2009
Time To Grow Up August 2009
Media Scapegoats August 2009
Evangelical Leaders Preaching In Our Cathedral July 2009
Miracles July 2009
Labels: Communicating Confusing or Controlling? July 2009
Freedom To Do What You Don’t Like July 2009
Quiet Please: Politicians are Present July 2009
Gambling June 2009
A Trite Habit? June 2009
It’s Not Just Cricket June 2009
The Water of Death May 2009
God’s Justice and Ours May 2009
League Hypocrisy May 2009
The Mothers of Mother’s Day May 2009
Connecting With Mother’s Day May 2009
The “Arrogance” of Humility April 2009
The Death of His Saints April 2009
A Certain Hope April 2009
Advancing Atheism at Easter April 2009
Worldly Spirituality March 2009
Shopping on Public Holidays March 2009
Legalising Abortion? March 2009
Shooting The Sacred Cow March 2009
Miracles in John February 2009
When is a TV Show Immoral? February 2009
Of Fire and Flu February 2009
The Holy Spirit February 2009
Sydney and a new year February 2009
Materialistic Christmas December 2008
Christmas Poem December 2008
December Prayer December 2008
The South Pacific Regional Training Event November 2008
Bali Bombers November 2008
The Image of Jesus? October 2008
Traditions Old and New October 2008
Church Planting October 2008
Why Anglican? October 2008
Bible Myths September 2008
Media September 2008
The Foundation of Fathers’ Day September 2008
Bertrand Russell September 2008
Colin The Baby Whale August 2008
Evangelicals August 2008
Evangelical August 2008
Reading Revelation July 2008
Christ Intercedes July 2008
Atheism July 2008
Polygamy June 2008
Evolution Christians June 2008
Anglican Family June 2008
God’s Character June 2008
Censorship May 2008
Canberra Money May 2008
Big Church Day May 2008
Discriminate for mum May 2008
Mothers’ Day May 2008
Youth Day April 2008
Remember the Fallen April 2008
Olympic Torch April 2008
Money #2 April 2008
The Fifties March 2008
Happy Easter March 2008
All my worldly March 2008
Easter #1 March 2008
Spiritual Inferiority March 2008
Adultery February 2008
Multiculturalism #2 February 2008
Education February 2008
New Regulations February 2008
Father and Son January 2008
Youth Work KYLC January 2008
Dying Alone January 2008
Three Kings January 2008
What’s wrong with Christmas January 2008
The end of 2007 January 2008
John Newton December 2007
Response to Christmas November 2007
The Important Election November 2007
Overseas Preaching November 2007
Appointments October 2007
Lambeth Conference October 2007
Christmas October 2007
Bank opening October 2007
Addiction September 2007
Samuel Marsden September 2007
Censorship September 2007
Unknown God September 2007
Episcopal Repentance August 2007
Hugh Palmer’s visit August 2007
Contentment August 2007
Amazing Grace August 2007
Shamelessness August 2007
Crime August 2007
Alcohol July 2007
The Birth of a Baby June 2007
Church and State June 2007
Slavery to Sin June 2007
Jazz in the Cathedral June 2007
Bible Study June 2007
Eulogies May 2007
Generosity May 2007
Drought May 2007
Moore College Mission May 2007
Motherhood May 2007
Anzac April 2007
Your Mind Matters April 2007
Happy Easter April 2007
The Sunday next before Easter April 2007
Les Miserables March 2007
Prayer March 2007
Materialism March 2007
A Letter from Cambridge, UK February 2007
Christmas Showcase February 2007
Review of the Year December 2006
Killed in the Square December 2006
Christmas Plans November 2006
Christmas Preparations November 2006
Sheik Hilali November 2006
Reformation Sunday October 2006
Bishop Barker October 2006
Bible study groups October 2006
The Pursuit of Pleasure October 2006
The Ordination of Women as Presbyters October 2006
Friendly Church September 2006
Individual Difference September 2006
The War on Terrorism and 9/11 September 2006
Bastard September 2006
Anti-Semitism August 2006
God’s Patience August 2006
Money and Generosity August 2006
Richard Coekin - Cathedral Spring Convention 2006 July 2006
MYC and Macau July 2006
The Law in Romans July 2006
World Anglican June 2006
Democracy June 2006
Music June 2006
The Big Church Day May 2006
Mother’s Day May 2006
Moore College Mission at St Andrew’s May 2006
Peace May 2006
Wisdom That Is Folly April 2006
Easter and Christmas April 2006
Easter Day April 2006
ANZAC Day and Easter April 2006
Easter Celebrations March 2006
Romans and Queen March 2006
Letter from Birmingham, USA March 2006
Censorship February 2006
Faith From Hearing February 2006
Call for prayer after last week’s violence December 2005
Welcome our new Music Director! December 2005
Celebrate the Birth of God December 2005
The Last Command of Jesus December 2005
Partnership November 2005
Rosa Parks October 2005
Latimer October 2005
Grandchildren October 2005
Work October 2005
There are some things in them that are hard to understand… September 2005
The Old Testament September 2005
Prayer and Thanksgiving September 2005
University September 2005
Humanity September 2005
Generosity August 2005
Tolerance August 2005
The Mission of Christ August 2005
National Training Event December 2004
Government October 2004
World Mission September 2004
Education September 2004
Fathers September 2004
Olympics August 2004
Drought of the Word August 2004
‘The Bible Talks’ (TBT) Launch August 2004
Religious Realism July 2004
Mission Progress July 2004
Fasting #2 June 2004
Prayer June 2004
Jazz Service #2 June 2004
Platform 7 June 2004
Drought and Gratitude May 2004
Change #2 May 2004
Mother’s Day May 2004
Sermon on the Mount May 2004
Easter Day April 2004
Ministry Growth March 2004
Generosity March 2004
Distribution of Communion March 2004
Raising Children March 2004
Church Growth in Hull February 2004
Ministry Training February 2004
England Churches #2 February 2004
Spirituality August 2003
Club 5 August 2003
Unity August 2003
Persecution July 2003
Citizen Member Partner July 2003
Repentance July 2003
Gifts July 2003
Communion June 2003
Wesley June 2003
Prodigals #1 June 2003
Diocesan Mission May 2003

People Matter was a regular column by Phillip Jensen in Southern Cross, the monthly magazine of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney.

Failure is not always a sign of poor leadership October 2002
‘Commercial’ hospitality impoverishes the soul September 2002
A Couple Grieve For Their Daughter August 2002
The right way for Christian parents to raise their children July 2002
The success of Scripture is in the hands of boys like Simon, aged eleven June 2002
Danger of trying to maintain our standard of living March 2002
Truth lost to the pressure of cults December 2001
A small boy’s eyes opened by the strangest gift October 2001
Family values has meaning for migrant grandfather September 2001
The encouraging word is given in season August 2001
Harsh demands of the workplace on strugglers July 2001
Missionaries use their feet June 2001
Manners teach that people matter May 2001
Parenting: it never ends April 2001
One storm wrecked a migrant’s dream March 2001
When tears make better sense than words February 2001
A missionary sees clearly November 2000
Caring for the stranger within your gate October 2000
The pride of a humble opinion September 2000
A woman reveals her family’s heart August 2000
Faithful servant rubbed out by Anglican church July 2000
Preaching Christ gives hope to individuals June 2000
An overseas student hears of Christ May 2000
Family struggles with Christianity March 2000
Arrogance becomes property of the owner February 2000
Two fishermen tell one tale December 1999
Jesus knows his own October 1999
Blessing a wedding ring September 1999
A Christian writes from a war zone August 1999
One soldier’s fear: will God reject me? July 1999
Sydney hail: can you hear the trumpet? June 1999
Divorce: one grandfather’s heartache May 1999
A testimony to life March 1999